21.02.2017 Malteser in Hövelhof dedicate mobile ophthalmology practice

Hövelhof, district of Paderborn. A medical care is not given to all people in rural areas. The Malteser in Hövelhof would like to provide relief and have now put a mobile ophthalmologist’s office into operation. The specially converted minibus is a low-threshold, searching offer: for elderly, less mobile people, for the homeless and for people who can not afford health insurance. This was made possible by a donation by the Dortmund company BLOCK OPTIC, which donated the vehicle and the interior equipment. During a celebration, Pastor Matthias Klauke blessed the vehicle.

[…] The visual eye surgery of the Maltese in Hövelhof allows for standard examinations, which are also carried out by every optician or ophthalmologist […] from the eye test, via eye pressure measurements or the treatment of minor injuries –

According to Bierod, it is conceivable to head for senior citizens and homeless homes or hospitals. First, the minibus will be on the road in Paderborn. In the medium term, it can be deployed in Hungary, Ukraine or Belarus as part of the Maltese foreign service.

“We had this idea for quite some time. Our personal contacts to Hövelhof have been the decisive factor for our decision, “said Jörg Grawunder. The CEO of BLOCK OPTIC handed over the key to the new mobile to Karl-Heinz Lieb, foreign commissioner of the Malteser Hövelhof […]