Polaphor® HD light

The Polaphor® HD light offers an increase in value for less money. The separation for binocular tests occurs in red/green exclusively. Because of this no alignment of the Polaphor® HD light is necessary and it is suitable for mobile operatio.

The most important performance features of the POLAPHOR® HD light at a glance:

• multi language menu
• silent operation and fast change of the displayed charts
• additional tests possible
• control via the operator panel and the  App „PhorControl”
• red/green adjustment
• display of the Landolt rings complies to EN ISO 8596 and DIN 58220-3
• single, row and group display
• mirror reading
• randomize function
• testing distance: 3 – 7 m, adjustable in 10 cm increments
• acuity steps: 0,05 – 2,0, logarithmic
• viewing area: approx 531 x 298 mm
• main voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
• dimensions (incl. wall mount): approx 642 x 440 x 120mm
• weight: approx 11 kg
• 24″ display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 Pixel) in 16:9 format
• LED backlight for better illumination in short use unlike the CCFL tubes
• less fusion incentives thanks to the larger screen and relocation of the IR receiver on the backside
• Multiple free key assignment
• Software updates even easier