Ideo® 2.0

The BLOCK OPTIC Ideo® 2.0 combines modern technology, ergonomic functionality and an attractive design to create an ophthalmic examination unit.

The modular design allows the unit to be customized, both in terms of technical equipment and in terms of color and surface design.

The unit moves electromotively and steplessly to the required examination height and therefore offers the ideal ergonomic workstation.

Patients of almost any size can thus be optimally examined.

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Our examination units are made from durable materials.
Used units are reconditioned by us and made
available to you again.

Unit optional electromotive stepless height adjustable (approx. 73-103 cm)
Antibacterial membrane keypad With or without illumination
Stepless magnetic fixing device
Physiological phoropter arm pre-tilted or with stepless tilting device
Manual swivel table with one or two positions with magnetic brake
The chair shift, which can be easily rolled in any direction, is available for all patient chairs. This is made possible by the special latching system. The wireless mechanical chair shift allows wheelchair patients to be easily moved to the required position of the unit.


  • optional electromotive infinitely variable height adjustment (approx. 73-103 cm) for ergonomic work
  • manual swivel table with one or two
    positions with magnetic brake
  • phoropter rail movable manual
  • physiological phoropter arm pre-inclined with or without stepless tilt device
  • pre-inclined physiological phoropter arm with or without electromotive height adjustment
  • physiological phoropter arm pre-inclined
    with or without gooseneck working light
  • Multifunctional column with or without
    Flat screen holder
  • with or without function light on
    Multifunctional column
  • Multifunctional column with or without projector holder
  • PLD or Easy Electronics
  • antibacterial membrane keypad
    with or without illumination
  • LED room light automatic with Dali
  • Blind control
  • Shaft tray for handheld devices
  • Charging case for hand-held units
  • individual antibacterial laquering
    in all RAL colors
  • individual plastic coating
  • individual veneer finish
  • Container
  • individual/customized productions/
    Changes deviating from the series


depth 1rst Pos.
depth 2nd Pos.
height adjustment
norm height
nominal input voltage
protection requirement
protection class
protection type
power consumption

1370 mm
1443 mm
1833 mm
730 – 1030 mm
860 mm
approx. 160 – 220 kg
230 V, 50/60 Hz
EMVG/DIN EN 60601-1-2
IP 20
approx. 1400 VA

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