Reliable mechanics and electronics, optimized functionality and a smart design form a top class refraction- and examination unit named Duoline.

The BLOCK refraction- and examination unit Duoline offers all convenience of a modern workplace with a high grade design. The modular construction allows an individual design regarding colour and surface according to the design of the practice.

Available as right or left hand unit with the following options:
⋅ Telescopic table for 1, 2 or 3 instruments
⋅ Manual or electromotive drive for 1st, 2nd or 3rd position
⋅ Manual or electromotive phoropter rail
⋅ Physiological phoropter arm with inclination adjustment
⋅ Instrument column
⋅ Electric base equipment pld
⋅ Illuminated sealed keypad
⋅ Room-light automatic
⋅ Undulated tray for hand-held device
⋅ Twin-charging set for hand-held devices
⋅ Writing desk standard or individual design with drawer for trial lenses
⋅ Individual lacquer in all ral-colours
⋅ Individual veneer design
⋅ Customized plastic design