The BLOCK examination- and refraction unit Ideo is a swivel table unit with minimal space requirement.

The swivel table is optional concepted for one or two ophthalmic devices.The BLOCK Ideo can be combined with BLOCK refraction- and examination chairs, BLOCK phoropter arms and the BLOCK writing desks.Ergonomics and design characterize this swivel unit.

Available as right or left hand unit with the following options:
⋅ Electromotive vertical adjustment from 730 mm – 1030 mm
⋅ Cabinet for refraction glasses
⋅ Writing desk
⋅ 1 or 2 instrument swivel table
⋅ Projector column
⋅ Phoropter arm
⋅ Phoropter rail
⋅ Undulated tray for hand-held device
⋅ Twin charging set for hand-held devices
⋅ Reading light
⋅ Magnetic brake
⋅ Individual lacquer design in all ral-colours
⋅ Individual veneer design
⋅ Customized plastic design