The BLOCK refraction and examination unit CT is a pure classic among all refraction- and examination units.

The  BLOCK refraction and examination unit CT offers a modern appealing design at minimal space requirement and fits well for small refraction rooms. Using the smallest 2-device telescopic table you can position the refraction devices in front of the patient as the crow flies and without effort. Ergonomically optimized functions and control elements facilitate your daily work.

Available as right or left hand unit with the following options:
⋅ Instrument table for 1 or 2 instruments
⋅ Manual or optional electromotive drive for 1st or 2nd position
⋅ Manual electromotive phoropterrail
⋅ Instrument column
⋅ Drawer for trial lens set or accessories
⋅ Room-light-automatic
⋅ Undulated tray for one hand-held device
⋅ Twin-charging set for hand-held device
⋅ Individual lacquer design in all ral-colours
⋅ Individual veneer design
⋅ Customized plastic design